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PowerLift – RotoTime Rotating Bevel Gear Jack System

Translating Screw Jack

Acme Screw Jack, Translating

PowerLift- Bevel Gear Screw Jack: Advance from having Screw-Jack and Bevel Gearbox as

a separate unit to a combined Miter bevel gearbox and Screw Jack in a single housing. The New Bevel Jack product will save you money by offering less maintenance and fewer components. Rototime can provide all the system parts, design, test with your process goal and provide a turnkey solution.

Rototime– Rotating Bevel Gear Jack has a lift shaft that moves a traveling nut up or down along the lift shaft. The lift shaft is fixed to the bevel gear. The lift shaft is made with a predetermined travel length.

System Solution: RT-PowerLift         

  • Bevel Gear Jacks
  • Shafts
  • Couplings
  • Motor/Drive
  • Drawings

Download: Literature >> Click here to download

ScrewJack, Bevel Gearbox Jack

Bevel Jack Lifting System-Typical Example

Sizes available:
1/2 Ton
2 Ton
2.5 Ton
3 Ton
Ratio: 2:1, 1:1

Screw-Jack, Bevel Jack

Single Input  Rotating Bevel Jack

Type: Ball Screw or Acme

Rated Dynamic Load (N)1000200030005000
Screw Diameter and Lead16,520,525,532,5
Gear Ratio1:11:11:11:1
Max Input Power (kW)0.751.52.54
Max Input Speed (rpm)1000100010001000
Efficiency (%)45454545
Housing Material6061 Aluminum6061 Aluminum6061 Aluminum6061 Aluminum
Screw Jack, Bevel Gear Jack

Rototime-Bevel Gear Screw Jack

Bevel Gear Jack

Rototime– Translating and Rotating Jack


Multi-Input Bevel Jack

15mm Bevel Jack

Bevel GearJack, Screw-Jack, 1:2, 15mm input

1:2 Ratio, Traveling Nut

Rotating Bevel Gear Jack

Options: Traveling Nut, Acme or Ball Lifting Screw

Low Backlash Servo Gearbox

Hollow Gearbox

Shafted Right-Angle Gearbox

Zero Backlash Jaw Coupling

Rototime Jaw Coupling

Advanced system design support

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