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Why use a coupling?

Zero Backlash Jaw Coupling

Rototime Jaw Coupling

Servo Coupling

Double-Disc Servo Coupling

Are you looking for a low cost method to prolong life of power transmitting devices?

Then start looking at how drive and load devices are connected. Devices such as motors, reducers, encoders, shafts and other rigid elements should be linked to operate at its high efficiency.

Many times electrical and mechanical friction play into the linked system to create premature failure. These failures start at the point of frictional contact, which are the bearings, seals, shaft and lubricants.

One of the major causes of device failure is misalignment, which leads to bearing, shaft, seal and lubricant failure.

Zero-backlash flexible shaft couplings have come a long way in the market to accommodate parallel and angular misalignment and also shaft endplay.

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